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Fat Black Pike Snack

Fat Black Pike Snack

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    This jig is also tied on a weedless Bass head.As you can see, this jig, like the others is 8 inchs long. The hook is a Eagle Claw 5/0 HEAVY wire. The body has 3 layers of rabbit in varying lengths, plus red band on the throat.The head is powder-painted,then baked for a full hour or more. Large plastics for muskies have become very popular in recent years, my rabbit strip musky/pike jigs are much more lifelike and durable than plastics. These jigs will catch plenty of musky/pike.I recieved a phone call 8/21/09 from a client who took two Mbb-50's to Canada recently. He said the jigs got ripped up. I said, you must have caught quite a few fish on them. He replied that he'd caught 40 pike on them before they became unfishable. Try matching that with plastics!
    Available in: 1/4,3/8 & 1/2 oz.
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