Contributer to Bassin Magazine John Mckean -


"As usual, the best muskie ties in the country! Glad to see you're back tying,despite the cramped studio (after all, another great artist, Picasso, often had to make do in close quarters at times!!!)"


- Customer Feedback  

             Welcome to Jensen Jigs, and thanks for taking the time to get to know a little about me. I'm in my early 60's and have been making jigs since I was a boy. Just by luck a friend took me aside when I was about 11 and taught me to tie jigs. I've been tying and fishing them ever since I probably sold my first jigs while still in my teens, and continued to sell a few here and there until the early 1990's when I took two years off work to fish and find a new direction. I decided to tie jigs as my livelyhood. I don't make lots of money making jigs but, if you judge success in terms of being busy doing what you want to do, then I guess I'm successful. I’m married to a lovely lady who is an artist- a painter to be specific, and an Art teacher. Some of our best times are spent doing early morning coffee conversation, or curled up on the couch watching movies with our children: we have three cats. When I'm not fishing, writing, or making jigs, I like to read history my favorite subject-I'm a student of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations- play on the computer, or listen to lounge music at to have my daily dose of Frank Zappa as well. I’ll be around for the long haul; you can depend on me to give full value and prompt personal attention to your jig head and hair jig needs.

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